Get Ready for a New Household Name

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Bill Gates is synonymous with computing. Somewhat less so, unless you’re a geek, is Steve Ballmer. Ballmer was the guy who took the reins from Gates, and we kind of hold him responsible for what Microsoft has become–both good and bad. The new name to listen out for is Satya Nadella, as of February 4 of this year.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, but he has a Master’s in Computer Science–we have a programmer leading Microsoft!  Steve Ballmer was a Business Manager hired by Bill Gates in the company’s early days, and he was instrumental in providing the company with business expertise. The downside of his tenure as CEO was that he was a business manager. He has been taking the safe path ever since he moved into the office.  It seems like Microsoft only came out with something after some other platform proved that it could succeed. That’s a shame, because Microsoft does have some good stuff, and a lot of stuff still sitting on drawing boards.

Nadella is constantly on the prowl for something new to learn, and he does so. By the way, he also has a Master’s in Business Administration, so it looks like Microsoft has the best of both worlds now.

I’m excited at what looks like a really great choice. Let’s see if Microsoft is ready now to lead instead of following from way, way behind.

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