Sometimes It’s the Little Things

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or, in this case, the Itty Bitty.

I get my news and information from a wide variety of sources: websites, newsletters, YouTube channels, and podcasts, primarily.  Today’s media content lends itself well to consumer contribution, and that increases the value of each medium as well as each producer. I currently follow 17 podcasts, and the only reason I can do that is that their production schedules are all different; some are daily, and those are usually pretty short, some weekly, some whenever a chance presents itself. They all promote the work of other producers  that they find to be of value, and that’s how I found the Itty Bitty Security Podcast.

This podcast is produced by a security professional named Teresa Hummel, but it is aimed at people who are not security professionals and aren’t looking to become security professionals. Her advice is clear and easy to follow, without being condescending, and the length of each podcast episode is short enough that you won’t feel overloaded with stuff you can’t use. In fact, if you aren’t a regular podcast devotee, I still recommend that you head over to her website and listen to the podcast right in your browser.

Teresa will talk you through keeping your computer safe on the web and keeping yourself safe there, too. You need to take the few minutes involved and go over and check out her site; listen to a couple of podcasts. Then subscribe.  The few minutes each week you spend learning how to stay safe on the web will be time well invested.

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